Installing a New Boiler?
5 Things you Need to Know

Installing a new boiler is a big and expensive decision. Here are five things you should know before you go ahead with your boiler installation.

First of all every boiler installation is different. There are many types of boilers and central heating controllers. Not to mention the ever changing regulations.

Getting a new boiler installed can be more complex than you think. Especially when you are changing a system and maybe the location of the new boiler. It gets even more complicated when removing tanks from the loft and removing the hot water cylinder or maybe changing or adding radiators to your existing system.



Five things you need to know before you take the plunge and sign on the dotted line for your new boiler.

1. Choose a reliable boiler

There are many boiler brands out there so can spend a lot of time finding the best one. The truth is there is more than one reliable boiler. To cut it short.
Get a Baxi and you get quality on a reasonable price.
Get a Worcester Bosch and you get quality on a not so reasonable price.
And finally get a Vaillant and you get a very expensive solution with a questionable reliability not to mention the break down costs. Parts for Vaillant boilers do not come cheap.


2. Get the heating engineer´s opinion

These days it is relatively easy to get at least 2 different boiler installers opinion. Try to find local companies and not someone from a large company but rather a small local firm with good reputation. You will often find conflicting opinions so don´t be afraid to ask technical questions and the reason why do they think they are recommending the best solution for you. The more questions you ask it is more likely that you will get closer to the truth.


3. Choose the right type of boiler or system

Again. Your heating engineer will tell you all about the different systems. The price is dependent on your existing system and the system you wish to get. It often requires a lot more work than just simply hanging the boiler on the wall. So make sure you think it through properly before its too late.
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4. Choose the right size of boiler

You will often find that companies tend to oversize boilers in terms of output just to cover themselves or simply they just too lazy to work out the heat requirements for your property. Sometimes it can be a better decision to fit a smaller output boiler as it will consume less gas and the boiler itself cost less. It may take a little longer to heat up the whole house but in the long term you can save a lot on gas. Not to mention the fact that larger boilers require a bigger gas pipe so you need to pay for that too.


5. Choose the right company

This is probably the most difficult one. After doing the research and getting different quotes people tend to choose the cheapest one. And the experience is that they loose more money than they are actually gaining. Not to mention the possible frustration and stress. It is not all about money. It is about organizing the works, getting it finished on time, using the right materials and not making shortcuts. The list goes on and on… You can have a lot of surprises during a boiler installation process.
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