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adey magnaclean

Magnetic System Filter

Just like in your car replacing the engine oil including the oil filter is essential, central heating system water needs close attention in order to keep it in top condition.

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scale inhibitor

Scale Inhibitor

It is necessary to fit this type of scale reducer with every new installations.

An electrolytic scale inhibitor has two metals inside it, usually copper and zinc. In the presence of water, the two metals produce an electrical cell. The electrical charge and some new zinc ions in the water cause the hard water (calcium and magnesium ions) which forms scale to cling together
in a different crystal form which is less likely to stick to pipes or other surfaces.


Salus rt500

Wireless Room Thermostat

Lets you control the room temperature remotely. You can freely move the controller around your home, no wires needed. It also has a built in timer so you can program your heating as you like.

Why buy your boiler from us?

We guarantee a fixed price. We have been fitting boilers and converting systems for 10 years in and around Cambridge. We give you minimum of  7 Year Warranty on Baxi boilers. Our engineers are Cambridge locals meaning we can get to you faster. We provide an outstanding after care service following the installation.

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We will come to you and do an assessment of your home. The engineer will talk you through your options. This is the time when you can ask technical questions. Then we will process the information and provide you with a fixed priced quotation.

Step 2

We install the boiler

Our engineers will arrive at the time you’ve chosen. When finished, they’ll talk you through how to use your boiler and controls. They’ll make sure they leave your home tidy before they go and arrange for your old boiler and waste material to be picked up.

Step 3

We give you peace of mind

Your Baxi boiler comes with a minimum of  7 years warranty. If you have any problems with the new system or how to work the controls don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always ready to help.


GET £400 OFF  Your New Combi Boiler before the 31st of March 2017

Now with 10 Year Warranty

Our most commonly fitted boilers

We only install the latest A-rated energy efficient boilers and controls that could help you save up to £350 a year.


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