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Online booking customers save 10% of the regular price

Online booking customers save 10% of the regular price

Four reasons to get your boiler serviced annually with CB Heat

1. Keep your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning    A poorly maintained boiler can leak carbon monoxide into your home, leading to headaches, dizziness, and even death. Carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless so it can poison you without you even realising.

2. Save money on your gas bill    Customers are often surprised how much hotter their radiators are and how much money they save on gas bills after a full system service – especially for combination boilers! This is because the service removes sludge and corrosion from the radiator and boiler, so that the hot water can flow through the system more efficiently.

3. Prevent your boiler warranty from expiring prematurely    Most boiler warranties have “small print” saying that the warranty is invalid unless the boiler is serviced yearly. We give you a full written record of the service so that you can prove to the boiler manufacturer that your boiler has been serviced, and get your boiler repaired for free if it breaks down during the warranty period.

4. Avoid expensive boiler breakdown and repairs    It’s much cheaper to pay small service bills once a year than a huge repair bill when your boiler breaks down. You wouldn’t let your car go for four years without a service or oil change, so why would you do it with your boiler?

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“Fantastic service. Boiler fitted quickly and on budget. No hassles”-Ailsa

“British gas was going to charge me £5400 but CB Heat did exactly the same job for £3500”- Paul G