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4.8 Average  of  1757 Reviews

Average of 1757 Reviews 4.8

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What are the advantages of booking online? No waiting time, No spelling your name & address. We will be able to match your requirements with the most relevant engineer within minutes. Then one of our team members will contact you to arrange a suitable appointment.

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You may find that many of the “big name” companies advertising are actually nationwide organisations operated from a call center with no engineers at all. These companies only use local firms like us to get the job done therefore charging you a lot more.

You may also be in the situation when your retired parents have no heating or hot water, have leaking pipes and taps or even a blocked drain or toilet and you remotely trying to find a trustworthy local company to deal with the problem.

We repair all types of boilers and immersion heaters including Electric, Gas and Oil fired boilers, unblock drains, help you with your blocked toilets, fix your leaking taps and pipes, trace and repair invisible leaks.

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…and many satisfied landlords, tenants and home owners.

“Fantastic service. Boiler fitted quickly and on budget. No hassles”-Ailsa

“British gas was going to charge me £5400 but CB Heat did exactly the same job for £3500”- Paul G


How do I find a reliable local plumber in Cambridge?
Ask another tradesperson. … Look for a trusted company. … Plumbing Trade Associations. … Ask friends and family. … Search through directories and rating pages. … Read reviews and testimonials. … Compare rates and collect quotes over the phone.

How do I find the right plumber in Cambridge?
Simply ask family and friends or neighbors and business associates which plumber they use. If they have faith in them, they should be happy to recommend a reputable plumber in the area to you. You can also check with former realtors or other contractors who work with plumbers on a regular basis

How much does the average plumber charge per hour in Cambridge?
The Cost of Hiring a Plumber Typically, plumbers are subject to an hourly rate, which is often between £45 and £200. Common repairs attract an average rate of £120. Some plumbers prefer a flat rate estimate as the variables involved in plumbing repair make it hard to have an hourly rate.

How do you get a plumber in an emergency in Cambridge?
Call us now on 020 8554 2001 to book an emergency plumber or gas engineer. Please call our friendly and helpful call centre staff who will personally answer every call at any time of the day. They are accustomed to dealing with any central heating problem or plumbing emergency.

How long does it take to qualify as plumber?
Commonly entered via an apprenticeship in plumbing or heating and ventilation. These take two – three years to complete. Level 1 or 2 college courses in plumbing (full or part-time) or heating and ventilation can offer a starting point prior to an apprenticeship.

What is considered a plumbing emergency?
The blocked drainage system, broken pipes, and leaking gas are some of the most usual residential emergencies regarding plumbing that individuals call their plumber for.

How long does it take for an emergency plumber to come out?
An emergency plumber can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours to attend your property. If you’ve got a leak or a burst pipe spraying water everywhere in the house, you can still stop the problem from getting worse. The first thing to do is find your stopcock or stop tap.

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CB Heat replaced my boiler and provided diagnostic services for plumbing problems. They are reliable, professional and friendly. Their invoices are sent promptly.

Tenant in Huntingdon

clean and neat job no fuss, Daniel was an especially polite and sound professional. will be our first go to plumber. Highly recommended

Home Owner in Cambridge

CB Heat done 4 bathrooms for me so far. Always on budget and time. Recommended places to get all the materials and gave me a good guidance on how things work here in East of England as I'm new to United Kingdom

Restaurant Owner
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Gas Safety Certificate?

As a landlord you can also make sure your gas appliances are safety checked as required by the law by booking a gas safety certificate appointment.