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Four reasons to get your gas boiler serviced annually with using CB Heat
1. Keep your family risk-free from carbon monoxide poisoning A improperly maintained central heating boiler can leak carbon monoxide right into your house, leading to frustrations, wooziness, and also death. Carbon monoxide gas is odorless and colourless so it can poison you without you also becoming aware.

2. Save money on your gas bill Customers are typically shocked just how much hotter their radiators are and just how much money they save money on gas expenses after a full system solution– specifically for mix central heating boilers! This is because the solution gets rid of sludge and rust from the radiator and central heating boiler, so that the warm water can move with the system more successfully.

3. Avoid your central heating boiler warranty from running out prematurely Many central heating boiler guarantees have “ fine print” saying that the warranty is void unless the central heating boiler is serviced yearly. We provide you a full composed document of the solution so that you can show to the central heating boiler manufacturer that your central heating boiler has actually been serviced, and get your central heating boiler repaired completely free if it breaks down throughout the warranty duration.

4. Avoid expensive central heating boiler break down and repair work It’s more affordable to pay small solution expenses yearly than a massive repair service bill when your central heating boiler breaks down. You would not allow your automobile go with four years without a solution or oil adjustment, so why would certainly you do it with your central heating boiler?

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