Well, it could be caused by a number of things. Firstly you should have a look at the dashboard of the boiler or on older types its just the front of the boiler and see if there is any indication of a fault. This is usually indicated by a red light being lit up or flashing. Now find the USER MANUAL of your appliance. It should have a fault finding section which will tell you what various problems you may have indicated on your appliance. Just simply follow the instructions and than decide wheater or not you need to call me…

Most common problems are PRESSURE LOSS or OVERHEAT

These problems can be resolved easily by re-pressurizing or resetting the boiler but may be the indication of a problem with your system. If the same fault reoccurring frequently you should call the engineer to diagnose it. Early discovery of a fault most likely to avoid a high cost of repair in the future.

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