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We’ve decided to team up with Boiler Expert.  They supply us with an excellent online application which greatly helps us improve our customer service experience. Not to mention the speed, availability &  technical support they are more than capable of providing.

Is your old boiler is on the blink so you need a new one installed? You don’t want to pay over the odds and at the same time you don’t want a cheap “cowboy” plumber who damages your walls and kitchen units?


We specialise in boiler installation and conversion of central heating systems, furthermore we are the leading boiler breakdown service provider in and around Peterborough.

We are a WORKS registered company which means we can provide faster service using priority call out with Baxi Customer Support. We can offer an amazing 10 year parts and labour warranty on the top range of our boilers, really giving you the peace of mind.

CB-Heat can perform your Peterborough boiler installation quickly and efficiently. Typically we are 35% cheaper than British Gas without cutting any corners on quality and workmanship. We include a 5-10 year warranty on all our boilers. All our engineers are Cambridge locals so that we can provide a great after-care service and rapid response time.

Most popular boilers

CB Heat installs your new, efficient boiler. Say goodbye to high energy bills and hello to reliable hot showers.

We promise you:

An affordable price.[spacer height=”20px”]

We are typically 35% cheaper than British Gas, and we will never be beaten on price for a like-for-like installation.

5-10 Years Guarantee on all our boilers

Quality workmanship from our Gas-Safe-registered engineers

Free, instant registration of your boiler with Gas-Safe and the City Council

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5-10 Year Manufacturers Warranty on all our boilers and a 1 year labour warranty. We are fully insured and qualified. We follow best-practice boiler installation so that your boiler warranty is valid (many “cheapo” plumbers cut corners and can actually void your warranty).

Don’t void your boiler warranty by using a “cowboy” plumber

If you don’t flush your system THOROUGHLY it could void your warranty and shorten the life of your boiler and also reduce efficiency resulting HIGHER energy bills.

Sadly this is something we see all the time. We are asked to put things right with a broken boiler and we discover that the plumber who initially installed the boiler failed to flush the system. Often it costs £100s and many days without hot water to fix the problem, and it all could have been avoided if the system was flushed properly in the first place.

We power-flush the system on ALL our boiler installations so that you don’t have the heartache and cost of a broken boiler or voided warranty later.

We use only trusted brands for all the components of the installation, so that your boiler can deliver you years of trouble-free heating and hot water.

…read  more about power flush

Don’t get ripped off by British Gas

A typical (Worcester Bosch) installation with BG costs £2800, and we can do the same installation for £1800, without cutting corners.

Our after-care service is top-notch, whereas you may find you have a disappointing experience with British Gas

also check out our boiler repair page…


FAQ for our Peterborough Boiler Installations and Replacements

How soon can you come?

Typically within 48 hours


How long does an installation take?

Typically 1 full day. Often we work into the evening to make sure you and your family get your hot water and heating back on ASAP.


What types of boiler can you install?

Gas & Oil Fired boilers. Mainly recommend Worcester Bosch brand for its excellent quality and reliability but we are happy to fit boilers of any kind.

What brand of boiler are you experienced with?

We have installed countless boilers from the following brands:

Worcester Bosch




…and we are also familiar with many of the smaller brands.[spacer height=”20px”]

What’s involved in replacing the boiler? How long will my hot water be off?

Typically an installation takes 1 full day. You will only be without water for approximately 5-6 hours, and without hot water for 1 day. We make every effort to complete the installation in one day so that you can get back to your normal life ASAP.

You can stay in the house if you wish.

The boiler installation process that we follow is:

Remove the old boiler

Power-flush all the radiators to remove corrosive build-up

Isolate the gas and water supplies

Pressure test the gas and water supplies

Remove all the waste (old boiler, pipes, etc)

Re-plaster the walls where the pipes have had to go through the walls

We make every effort to leave your house impeccably clean.