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  1. A boiler servicing should really be an annual occurrence for every property that uses a hot water boiler. The servicing will ensure the safe operation of the boiler and can prevent any potentially dangerous situations. This is a process that needs to be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer as they will have the necessary training in servicing various types of boilers.

    The main elements that make up a boiler service are the following:

    Check the boiler is combusting the gas efficiently.
    A check to see if the boiler installation still complies with all electricity and gas safety standards and also building regulations.
    The boiler casing should be removed and the main internal parts checked for damage or signs of malfunction (as in overheating with electrical components.
    Check the flue is working properly without any obstructions
    Gas tightness check carried out to ensure there are no leaks in the system.
    General clean of the inside of the boiler
    All seals checked for leaks
    Casing replaced
    Check if the timers and other on-board computers are working effectively
    As boilers come in many different forms, the boiler service for your boiler might include more or fewer checks. A boiler serive should take at least 30minutes.

    On completion of the service the engineer should give you a check list of everything tested. If there is anything to replace or fix then the engineer should be able to give you a breakdown of parts, labour and the costs involved.

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