4.8 Average  of  1757 Reviews

Average of 1757 Reviews 4.8

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Get your blocked drain or blocked toilet emergency fixed fast. Be on top of the situation and call CB Heat to your rescue. 85% of our customers have their emergency resolved the same day, usually within hours of calling us. Price: £70 + VAT for a typical blocked toilet/drain repair (excludes severe blockages)

Price: £70 + VAT for a typical blocked toilet/drain repair (excludes severe blockages)

Our services include: blocked toilet and drain repair cambridge, blocked drain cambridge, blocked toilet cambridge, unblock toilet cambridge

We do same-day repairs for your blocked drais in cambridge:

Blocked toilets

Blocked kitchen sink

Blocked external drains

Blocked shower and bath

Our Customers include

…and many satisfied landlords, tenants and home owners.

“Fantastic service. Boiler fitted quickly and on budget. No hassles”-Ailsa

“British gas was going to charge me £5400 but CB Heat did exactly the same job for £3500”- Paul G


Do plumbers fix blocked toilets in Cambridge?
If all else fails, you can either call a plumber or try using chemicals to unblock a toilet. They are certified to liquefy materials. This will only work if the blockage is not caused by a hard object.

Can a plumber fix blocked drains?
The one thing a plumber will bring towards fixing your blocked drain is experience. A plumber will most likely use methods you have tried yourself, including plunging, but the skills gained by performing drain unblocking methods on a regular basis will see that the job is completed with minimal fuss.

How much does it cost to get a drain unblocked in Cambridge?
Drain Unblocking and Jetting Costs The average cost of unblocking a drain using rods and jetting is around £70-£200, assuming no major blockage, but increases with the difficulty of the job accordingly. Your service provider may advise a CCTV survey of your pipes.

What is the best way to unblock an outside drain?
Baking Soda and Vinegar First, remove the drain cover and pour a cup of baking soda into the drain, followed by a cup of vinegar to begin a chemical reaction. Let this mixture sit for between twenty minutes and half an hour so that the solution has time to break down the natural minerals blocking your drain. If that doesn’t work look for professionals.

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CB Heat replaced my boiler and provided diagnostic services for plumbing problems. They are reliable, professional and friendly. Invoices are sent promptly.

boiler installation and central heating specialists in Cambridge
Tenant in Huntingdon

clean and neat job no fuss, Daniel was an especially polite and sound professional. will be our first go to plumber. Highly recommended

boiler installation and central heating specialists in Cambridge
Home Owner in Cambridge

They seem to have a good network of tradesman. We have had plumbers, electricians and tilers through CB Heat and we are more than happy with the service we have received. Good price and very good technical knowledge.

boiler installation and central heating specialists in Cambridge
Restaurant Owner
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We Handle Commercial and Residential Projects

boiler installation and central heating specialists in Cambridge

General Plumbing Repairs and Maintenance?

We have specialist engineers to address all your toilet related issues as well as taps and showers, tiling, baths and basically any plumbing job related to your home or office. Hot water heaters and boiler issues also dealt with.


We can help you to fix your problem. If you're looking for some great advice on how to keep your pipes running smoothly, then get in touch with us Now! CB Heat is the leading plumbing service provider since 2012.