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4.8 Average  of  1757 Reviews

Get your toilet fixed in no time and save money. Yes it is possible. We repair all brands and types of toilets, cisterns, flush valves etc…

It has been weeks and weeks and your toilet was flushing slower and slower. Now you came to a point where you think you need professional help? You are right about that. Don’t try to fix your toilet yourself. It can be a lot more complicated than you would think

Here at CB Heat we can help you eliminate all your worries even on a Sunday! Most toilet flush repairs can be done within 1 hour although in most cases the biggest issue is to get to the problem. People like to cover up, hide toilet cisterns and pipes, making it difficult to access when repairs and maintenance needed. We carry most essential components and tools to get your toilet up and running in no time.

Before you call British Gas to your rescue think twice and let us deal with your toilet flush repair promptly and efficiently. We have been around for a while and rescued many homeowners, landlords, estate agents, hospitals and local business.

80% of the emergencies resolved on the first visit.  We have strictly local engineers with all the common toilet spares in their van.

” I’ve called out 2 plumbers recommended by my neighbours before these guys. Both wanted to give me a quote to fix it next week when I clearly told them on the phone that I needed to fix it today…?

Then I called CB Heat and even though they have a call out charge I’ve paid less than the other plumber wanted to charge me (as I found out a few days later…)

I would give them 5 stars. – Rob “

Our Customers include

…and many satisfied landlords, tenants and home owners.

“Fantastic service. Boiler fitted quickly and on budget. No hassles”-Ailsa

“British gas was going to charge me £5400 but CB Heat did exactly the same job for £3500”- Paul G

FAQ for Toilet Repair in Cambridge

Why is my toilet flushing slowly?

– It could be that your cistern doesn’t have enough water in it. Usually due to filling up extremely slowly do to scale and corrosion, also the rubber parts loose flexibility after a few years.

Most likely it will cost you 1 hour labour and the price of the parts to get it fixed. (depends on accessibility)

Why do I have to press the lever 3-4 times to get the toilet flushing?

– It could be that there is not enough water in the cistern or most likely the membrane is split in the syphon and having difficulty to lift the water when you are trying to flush. Solution – replace syphon

How can I isolate my toilet if it’s leaking?

– In an ideal situation you would have an isolation valve close to the entry of the water to the cistern. You could turn that 90 dergees in to any direction to isolate the water. The most common type has a slot in the middle which you can turn with a screwdiver or even with a butter knife. If you can not find the isolation valve you can always isolate the whole house until the plumbers get there.

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What Our Clients Say

Came on time and fixed the small leak we had under the sink within 30 minutes of the arrival. Only charged €35.

Tenant in Huntingdon

They gave us a quote to change the shower mixer over the phone. Sent some pictures on WhatsApp and within half an hour I had the quote by email. They come in the evening and replaced it with no problems.Since than I have called them many times as I have 3 properties here around Calahonda. Totally recommended team of plumbers

Home Owner in Cambridge

The process from booking an engineer to the day before the technician coming to the site was very easy, professional and quick.

Restaurant Owner
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